(LAWH-5001) - 3 UNITS

The Loyola Genocide Justice Clinic will allow students to complete real-world research projects on behalf of partners including the prosecutors at an international criminal court, international investigators and former prosecutors gathering evidence of potential international crimes committed during the Syrian civil war, and an Armenian non-governmental organization working to find creative legal solutions to hold Turkey accountable for the Armenian genocide of 1915-1923. At the end of the semester, each student will deliver a professional research memo on their assigned topic, to be submitted to the requesting partner.

Students will learn advanced techniques for conducting complex legal research and analysis, and how to write clear, concise memoranda that effectively explore and answer the question(s) presented.

Pedagogical class sessions will complement and contextualize the research project work. Though students will receive some background in genocide law and international criminal law, the primary focus of the clinical experience is on advocacy, and challenges to advocacy, in an international criminal justice setting.

Enrollment is competitive and by application only. Application information is available for registered Symplicity users (search job postings) and at http://bit.ly/howtoclinics

Satisfies Pro Bono Requirement   Experiential Course