(LAWJ-3030) - 2 UNITS

This course, which is available only to foreign LLM students, is designed to provide early preparation for the California Bar Exam or Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). This course is a Pass/Fail year-long course designed to help international students get a head start preparing for the bar exam by focusing on the seven subjects tested on the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE) portion of the bar exam; these same subjects also are often tested on the essay portion of the bar exam. In the Fall semester, the course will cover three of the seven subjects and in the Spring, cover the remaining four MBE subjects.

This course takes a "skills first" approach to the exam. Each subject will have four sessions identifying and focusing on the most frequently tested issues for the subject. Students will learn/review the black letter law outside of class by watching online lectures (broken up into short, issue specific chapters). Each chapter is followed up with a three-seven question assessment quiz to efficiently identify gaps in knowledge or areas of weakness. Prior to class and in-class, students will complete multiple-choice and essay questions, and the questions will be used as teaching tool to review the substantive law and strategies to use on the MBE and to write and organize essays.

This course is not intended to replace the need for a full bar review course; all students SHOULD take a full bar review course prior to the bar exam to prepare adequately for passage.