(LAWJ-4035) - UNITS

The Private Placement course is designed to complement the Private Placement Externship experience and integrate the skills learned in the externship. The Private Placement Externship provides students with an opportunity to obtain off-campus placement in law firms and corporate legal departments and gain hands-on experience in the legal field. The course will use readings, class discussions, and written and oral exercises to expose externs to professional and ethical issues that arise in private and corporate practice. Specifically, this course will cover topics, such as the role of the law clerk, professionalism and civility in the practice of law, and best practices for lawyers in private practice. Course participants will be offered multiple opportunities for performance, self-evaluation and feedback on their oral and written work and other professional skills obtained in the private externship placement.

Working under the supervision of experienced attorneys, students will be exposed to different practice areas and will gain insight into the practice of law while working on actual client matters. In conjunction with each student's externship, students must enroll in this course. This course runs concurrent with the externship, meets regularly throughout the semester and is a required class for all students enrolled in a private placement externship. A student in a private placement may extern for 1-4 units in the summer and 2-4 units in the fall/spring with a maximum of 6 private externship units (including Semester in Practice and any entertainment externship). Students may not receive credits for a paid externship.

Limited to students concurrently enrolled in private externships; professor approval required.