(LAWN-1010) - 3 UNITS

Introduction to Tax provides an overview of the individual Federal Income Tax - the tax you will pay annually throughout your entire working life. You will learn the income tax rules that determine whether a taxpayer receives a refund check at the end of the year or owes additional tax. For example, you will learn which expenses are and are not deductible. The course also will introduce you to "parsing" (carefully reading) statutes and to important legal practice aspects of administrative law. Moreover, a basic understanding of income tax is essential for lawyers in diverse legal practice areas. Students who like to solve puzzles often enjoy studying tax law. Also, students with interests in social justice, inequality, public policy, and economics often enjoy the policy discussions in the course. If you take the course and discover an interest in tax, you can prepare for a tax law career by taking advanced courses in Loyola's highly ranked specialty tax program.

Tax LLM Course