Course Offerings  -  Spring 2023  
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(Days: M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday   UPLE: U=UDWR (Upper Division Writing Requirement), P=Pro Bono, L=Tax LLM, E=Experiential)
CRN  Subj-Crs/Sec  Professor  Title (notes)  U  Days  Time  Room  UPLE  Exam 
15455 LAWO-7075/01 Ray, Alexander
Posadas, Dalmacio
ABA National Moot Court Team     -    - No Exam 
15239 LAWD-1011/D1 Kennedy, Sean Adjudicative Criminal Procedure  (First-year elective) F
AC102  5/18/2023 
15298 LAWM-4004/E1 Harris, Scott Administrative Law 8:10p-10:10p B220  5/3/2023 
15252 LAWD-4023/D1 Levenson, Laurie Advanced Criminal Law Seminar 1:10p-3:10p FH236 Paper 
15253 LAWJ-4064/D1 Kennedy, Sean
Croomes, Rhyzan
Advanced Criminal Litigation Skills  (Limited to students in Juvenile Justice program) 1:10p-3:10p TAC No Exam 
15254 LAWJ-4064/D2 Kennedy, Sean
Croomes, Rhyzan
Advanced Criminal Litigation Skills  (Limited to students in Juvenile Justice program) 1:10p-3:10p TAC No Exam 
15256 LAWJ-4020/D1 Der, Stephanie Advanced Legal Research 9:50a-11:50a R205  No Exam 
15299 LAWJ-4020/D2 Schultz, Lisa Advanced Legal Research 9:50a-11:50a C403  No Exam 
15300 LAWJ-4020/D3 Tokar, Victoria Advanced Legal Research 1:10p-3:10p C402  No Exam 
15257 LAWC-4050/D1 West-Faulcon, Kimberly Advanced Topics in Constitutional Law: Originalism TR 3:20p-5:20p B240  Take-Home 
15301 LAWJ-4048/E1 Kin, Curtis Advanced Trial Advocacy 6:00p-9:00p AC202 No Exam 
15409 LAWF-4065/E1 Friel, Alan Advertising Law 8:10p-10:10p B240  Take-Home 
15251 LAWJ-3002/D1 Selan, Courtney American Legal Research & Writing for Foreign Attorneys  (Available only to Foreign LLM students) 8:50a-11:50a C402  Paper 
15302 LAWA-4002/E1 Kesselman, David Antitrust Law 6:00p-8:00p R205  5/11/2023 
15258 LAWJ-4099/D1 Delfino, Rebecca Appellate Practice for the Judicial Clerk  (Instructor approval required) 9:00a-11:00a FH126 Paper 
15259 LAWH-4034/D1 Petherbridge, Lee Biological Foundations of Law - Single Semester 3:20p-5:20p JR  No Exam 
15304 LAWF-4015/E1 Straus, Lee Business and Legal Affairs for Scripted TV Programming and Distribution 8:10p-10:10p B220  5/12/2023 
15235 LAWA-4003/D1 Guttentag, Michael Business Associations  (Bar course - closed book exam) MW 1:10p-3:10p DH  5/16/2023 
15236 LAWA-4003/E1 Maynard, Therese Business Associations  (Bar course - closed book exam) TR 6:00p-8:00p DH  5/16/2023 
15305 LAWG-4059/E1 Lopez, Giovanny Business Immigration Law TR 6:00p-8:00p B220 UE 5/16/2023 
15248 LAWA-4034/D1 Trevino, Shannon Business Planning I: Financing the Start-up Business and Venture Capital Financing  (Enrollment limited to 15 students) 1:10p-4:10p B220 No Exam 
15249 LAWA-4034/D2 Kehr, Robert Business Planning I: Financing the Start-up Business and Venture Capital Financing  (Enrollment limited to 15 students) 8:50a-11:50a C402 No Exam 
15250 LAWA-4034/E1 Avedissian, Nancy Business Planning I: Financing the Start-up Business and Venture Capital Financing  (Enrollment limited to 15 students) 5:00p-8:00p R205 No Exam 
15260 LAWO-7021/E1 Poehls, Susan Byrne Trial Advocacy Team MW 6:00p-10:00p TAC No Exam 
15261 LAWO-7021/E2 Poehls, Susan Byrne Trial Advocacy Team  (For returning students only) MW 6:00p-10:00p C515 No Exam 
15224 LAWJ-4015/D1 Eisner, Alexander California Civil Procedure: Practice & Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam) 6:00p-8:00p H80  5/9/2023 
15223 LAWJ-4015/E1 Brandon, David California Civil Procedure: Practice & Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam) 8:10p-10:10p C401  5/9/2023 
15306 LAWJ-4105/E1 Reeve, Don California Privacy and Data Security Law 6:00p-8:00p B240  Take-Home 
15307 LAWA-4050/E1 Elster, Aaron Cannabis Business Law 8:10p-10:10p B210  5/8/2023 
15262 LAWJ-4046/D1 Riordan, Thomas Civil Litigation Practice II  (Enrollment limited to 16 students) 5:00p-8:00p C403 Paper 
15263 LAWJ-4046/D2 Parrish, Grace Civil Litigation Practice II  (Enrollment limited to 16 students) 5:00p-8:00p C403 Paper 
15264 LAWJ-4046/D3 Parrish, Grace Civil Litigation Practice II  (Enrollment limited to 16 students) 8:50a-11:50a C403 Paper 
15179 LAWJ-1001/D1 Grossi, Simona Civil Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam) 8:00a-10:00a DH  5/9/2023 
15186 LAWJ-1001/D2 Ides, Allan Civil Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam) TR 8:00a-9:15a DH  5/9/2023 
15193 LAWJ-1001/D3 Ides, Allan Civil Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam) TR 1:10p-2:25p DH  5/9/2023 
15200 LAWJ-1001/D4 Green, Tristin Civil Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam) MTR 1:10p-2:50p AC102  5/9/2023 
15265 LAWC-5002/01 Williams, Gary Civil Rights Litigation Externship     -    - PE No Exam 
15308 LAWJ-5003/D1 Miller, Eleanor Collateral Consequences of Convictions Project: Re-entry Clinic 1 or 2 2:50p-5:50p FH126 PE No Exam 
15390 LAWI-5001/01 Campos, Sara Conciliation & Mediation Assistance Clinic at the Center for Conflict Resolution 1-4     -    - PE No Exam 
15212 LAWC-2003/D1 West-Faulcon, Kimberly Constitutional Law  (Bar course - closed book exam) TR 9:50a-11:50a DH  5/3/2023 
15405 LAWC-2003/E1 Levinson, Jessica Constitutional Law  (Bar course - closed book exam) MW 6:00p-8:00p MH  5/3/2023 
15310 LAWB-5027/E1 Terzian, Tamar Consumer Bankruptcy Clinic: Advocacy Process 1-4 6:00p-8:00p C403 PE No Exam 
15187 LAWB-1001/D2 Gold, Victor Contracts  (Bar course - closed book exam) MWF 10:10a-11:50a H70  5/15/2023 
15194 LAWB-1001/D3 Harris, Jonathan Contracts  (Bar course - closed book exam) MW 3:20p-4:35p MH  5/15/2023 
15201 LAWB-1001/D4 Pratt, Katherine Contracts  (Bar course - closed book exam) MW 3:20p-4:50p DH  5/15/2023 
15207 LAWB-1001/E1 Brain, Robert Contracts  (Bar course - closed book exam. See 2023 Spring First Year Schedule. Enrollment is limited to first-year JD evening students)     -    -  5/15/2023 
15311 LAWF-4003/E1 Brown, Elliot Copyright Law MW 6:00p-7:30p C401  Take-Home 
15266 LAWA-4014/D1 Berdejo, Carlos Corporate Finance MW 1:10p-2:40p C403  5/16/2023 
15221 LAWD-4007/D1 Buckingham, Samantha Criminal Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam) TR 1:10p-3:10p H70  5/12/2023 
15222 LAWD-4007/E1 Miller, Eric Criminal Procedure  (Bar course - closed book exam) MW 6:00p-8:00p DH  5/12/2023 
15240 LAWI-1011/D1 Miller, Eric Critical Race Theory  (First-year elective) WF 1:10p-2:40p R205  Take-Home 
15312 LAWF-4048/E1 Christensen, Stephanie
White, Ryan
Cyber and Intellectual Property Crimes 6:00p-8:00p C402  Paper 
15408 LAWP-8025/E1 Clair, Pierson
Sawyer, Jessica
Cyber Risk Management & Incident Response 6:00p-8:00p REMOTE
15391 LAWI-5004/01 Campos, Sara Dependency Court Mediation Assistance Clinic 1 or 2     -    - PE No Exam 
15314 LAWI-4010/D1 Perez, Katherine Disability Rights Law 3:20p-5:20p B210  Take-Home 
15315 LAWI-4110/D1 Stanton-Trehan, Megan
Wong, Vivian
Education Policy Practicum 1:10p-3:10p FH236 UPE Paper 
15268 LAWI-4024/D1 Harris, Jonathan Employment Law TR 3:20p-4:50p AC202  5/8/2023 
15317 LAWI-4079/D1 Dai, Cornelia Employment Rights Clinic  (Instructor approval required) 1:10p-3:10p FH126 PE Presentation 
15318 LAWF-4004/E1 Robin, Jeffrey Entertainment Law 6:00p-9:00p B240
15319 LAWF-4071/E1 Jonelis, David
Tyler, Kim
Entertainment Law Advocacy 8:10p-10:10p FH236 No Exam 
15178 LAWF-5001/01 Parrish, Grace Entertainment Law Field Placement 1-4     -    - No Exam 
15269 LAWF-4013/D1 Shapiro, Julie Entertainment Law Practicum 5:00p-7:00p FH236  No Exam 
15411 LAWO-6022/01 Brain, Robert Entertainment Law Review Editor     -    -  No Exam 
15413 LAWO-6017/01     (TBA) Entertainment Law Review Research     -    - No Exam 
15412 LAWO-6021/01 Brain, Robert Entertainment Law Review Staff     -    -  No Exam 
15463 LAWO-7061/01 Jonelis, David Entertainment Moot Court     -    - No Exam 
15320 LAWF-4090/E1 Ehring, Susan
Sprinkel, Hayley
Entertainment Negotiations  (Graded Pass/Fail) 6:00p-8:00p AC102 Take-Home 
15321 LAWE-4003/E1 Spinuzzi, Sarah Environmental Law 6:00p-9:00p C402  Take-Home 
15215 LAWJ-2004/D1 Buhai, Sande Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam) MW 10:20a-11:50a AC302  5/10/2023 
15216 LAWJ-2004/D2 Boylan, Jean Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam) TR 10:20a-11:50a AC302  5/10/2023 
15217 LAWJ-2004/D3 Delfino, Rebecca Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam) 8:00a-11:00a AC302  5/10/2023 
15218 LAWJ-2004/D4 Hill, Jazzirelle Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam) MW 1:10p-2:40p AC302  5/10/2023 
15220 LAWJ-2004/D5 Williams, Gary Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam) TR 1:10p-2:40p AC302  5/10/2023 
15453 LAWJ-2004/D6 Slavinskiy, Yan Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam) MW 10:20a-11:50a C401  5/10/2023 
15219 LAWJ-2004/E1 Honn, Richard Ethical Lawyering  (Bar course - closed book exam) 6:00p-9:00p AC302  5/10/2023 
15213 LAWJ-2003/D1 Goldman, Stanley Evidence  (Bar course - closed book exam) TR 3:20p-5:20p H70  5/5/2023 
15214 LAWJ-2003/D2 Levenson, Laurie Evidence  (Bar course - closed book exam) MW 9:50a-11:50a AC102  5/5/2023 
15322 LAWJ-4087/E1 Murphy, Erin Evidence for Trial Lawyers 6:00p-9:00p C402 Other 
15323 LAWD-4016/D1 Woolley, Susan
Rohman, Keith
Fact Investigation 9:50a-11:50a B210 Take-Home 
15270 LAWI-4025/E1 Matsumura, Kaiponanea Family Law TR 6:00p-7:30p AC302  5/11/2023 
15433 LAWF-4056/E1 Nulud, Philip Angelo Fashion Law 6:00p-8:00p AC302  Take-Home 
15271 LAWC-4070/D1 Grossi, Simona Federal Courts and Section 1983 Litigation MW 1:10p-3:10p H70  5/11/2023 
15225 LAWC-4062/D1 Strauss, Marcy First Amendment: Freedom of Expression  (Bar course - closed book exam) 1:10p-3:10p AC202  5/12/2023 
15272 LAWJ-4132/D1 Hawthorne, Christopher Fundamentals of Juvenile Post-Conviction and Sentencing Law II 1:10p-3:10p TAC PE No Exam 
15273 LAWJ-4132/D2 Hawthorne, Christopher Fundamentals of Juvenile Post-Conviction and Sentencing Law II 1:10p-3:10p TAC PE No Exam 
15324 LAWJ-4076/D1 Ricciardulli, Alessandro Fundamentals of Solo Litigation 5:00p-8:00p B210 5/3/2023 
15439 LAWI-5030/01 Parrish, Grace Government Agency Field Placement 2-10     -    - 
15398 LAWO-7014/01 Williams, Gary Hispanic Moot Court     -    - No Exam 
15384 LAWD-5001/01 Poehls, Susan Hobbs/Poehls District Attorney Field Placement     -    - No Exam 
15385 LAWD-5001/02 Poehls, Susan Hobbs/Poehls District Attorney Field Placement     -    - No Exam 
15386 LAWO-9003/01 Poehls, Susan Hobbs/Poehls District Attorney Seminar     -    - Paper 
15274 LAWJ-4119/D1 Poehls, Susan Hobbs/Poehls Trial Advocacy  (Admission by tryout for year-long program. Enrollment limited to 12 students.) 1:00p-4:00p AC202 No Exam 
15420 LAWG-5001/01 Montes, H. Marissa Immigrant Justice Clinic     -    - PE No Exam 
15389 LAWG-5002/01 Montes, H. Marissa Immigrant Justice Clinic Advanced 1-4     -    - PE No Exam 
15421 LAWG-4067/D1 Montes, H. Marissa Immigrant Justice Clinic Seminar 3:20p-5:20p TAC No Exam 
15244 LAWF-1011/D1 Atik, Jeffery Innovation Law  (First-year elective) W
C401  5/18/2023 
15277 LAWF-4067/D1 Ghirardelli, Aaron Intellectual Property in the Digital Age 3:20p-5:20p C403  5/5/2023 
15414 LAWO-6032/01 Glazier, David International and Comparative Law Review Editor     -    -  No Exam 
15416 LAWO-6024/01     (TBA) International and Comparative Law Review Research     -    - No Exam 
15415 LAWO-6031/01 Glazier, David International and Comparative Law Review Staff     -    -  No Exam 
15278 LAWG-4018/D1 Ghirardelli, Aaron International Business Transactions MW 3:20p-4:50p C403  5/3/2023 
15392 LAWG-4003/01 Romano, Cesare International Human Rights Practicum  (Year-long. Instructor approval required.) 0-6     -    - PE No Exam 
15325 LAWG-4098/D1 Shahlaei, Faraz International Sports Law TR 9:50a-11:20a B210  Take-Home 
15279 LAWG-4033/E1 Hughes, Justin International Trade MW 6:00p-7:30p B210  Take-Home 
15280 LAWJ-3003/D1 Grossi, Simona Introduction to American Law  (Available only to Foreign LLM students) 9:50a-11:50a C403  5/11/2023 
15242 LAWM-1010/D1 Montes, H. Marissa
Kim, Kathleen
Introduction to Immigration Law  (First-year elective) W
15243 LAWN-1010/D1 Jurow Kleiman, Ariel Introduction to Income Taxation  (First-year elective) TR 10:20a-11:50a H80 5/18/2023 
15241 LAWG-1010/D1 Romano, Cesare Introduction to International Law  (First-year elective) TR 10:20a-11:50a H70  Take-Home 
15443 LAWJ-1044/E1 Samuelson, Jacob Introduction to Legal Research  (See 2023 Spring First Year Schedule)     -    -  No Exam 
15327 LAWJ-4008/D1 Tyler, Kim Introduction to Negotiations  (Enrollment limited to 20 students) 9:50a-11:50a FH236 No Exam 
15326 LAWJ-4008/E1 Levy, Leonard Introduction to Negotiations 6:00p-8:00p B240 Other 
15430 LAWN-5001/D1 Park, Michael
Tan, Michael
IRS Small Case Tax Clinic 3:50p-5:50p FH126 PLE No Exam 
15438 LAWJ-5060/01 Parrish, Grace Judicial Field Placement 2-10     -    - 
15400 LAWJ-4005/01 Parrish, Grace Judicial Process Field Placement     -    -  No Exam 
15255 LAWJ-4062/D1 Croomes, Rhyzan
Kennedy, Sean
Juvenile Delinquency Law, Policy, and Procedure  (Limited to students in Juvenile Justice program) 1:10p-3:10p TAC  5/5/2023 
15382 LAWD-5002/01 Hawthorne, Christopher Juvenile Innocence & Fair Sentencing Clinic     -    - PE No Exam 
15383 LAWD-5003/01 Hawthorne, Christopher Juvenile Innocence & Fair Sentencing Clinic II 1-5     -    - No Exam 
15380 LAWD-5004/01 Croomes, Rhyzan
Kennedy, Sean
Juvenile Justice Clinic     -    - PE No Exam 
15381 LAWD-5005/01 Kennedy, Sean
Croomes, Rhyzan
Juvenile Justice Clinic II 1-4     -    - PE No Exam 
15328 LAWI-4084/D1 Boxer, Jeffrey Labor Law, Alt-Labor, and the Gig Economy 5:00p-8:00p FH236  Presentation 
15329 LAWE-4006/D1 Kracov, Gideon Land Use Controls 1:10p-4:10p TAC  5/11/2023 
15451 LAWL-5001/D1 Novasky, Michael Landlord Tenant Clinic I: Advocacy Basics 9:50a-11:50a FH236 PE No Exam 
15281 LAWH-4022/D1 Goldman, Stanley Law and Genocide 3:20p-5:20p C402 
15330 LAWF-4033/D1 Walton, Brian Law and Practice with the Hollywood Guilds TR 10:20a-11:50a R205  5/8/2023 
15245 LAWJ-1005/D1 Buhai, Sande Law and Process: Privacy Torts  (Instructor approval required) W
B210  5/18/2023 
15247 LAWJ-1005/D2 Yagura, Sonia Law and Process: Privacy Torts  (Instructor approval required) F
B240  5/18/2023 
15417 LAWO-6012/01 Hughes, Justin Law Review Editor     -    -  No Exam 
15419 LAWO-6014/01     (TBA) Law Review Research     -    - No Exam 
15418 LAWO-6011/01 Hughes, Justin Law Review Staff     -    -  No Exam 
15282 LAWP-4050/D1 Doyle, Colin Law, Algorithms, and Justice 9:50a-11:50a FH126  Other 
15423 LAWJ-4170/E1 Kaufman, Tony Leadership for Lawyers  (Graded Pass/Fail) 6:00p-8:00p FH236  No Exam 
15331 LAWJ-4026/E1 McCarl, Ryan Legal Drafting  (Enrollment limited to 20 students) 8:10p-10:10p B240 UE Paper 
15332 LAWJ-4026/E2 Kim, Solomon Legal Drafting  (Enrollment limited to 20 students) 8:10p-10:10p B220 UE Paper 
15333 LAWJ-4026/E3 Brantly, Amy Legal Drafting  (Enrollment limited to 20 students) 8:10p-10:10p C403 UE Paper 
15283 LAWJ-8026/D1 Levin, Amy Legal Drafting  (Online course - Enrollment limited to 13 students) 10:50a-11:50a REMOTE
UE Paper 
15429 LAWJ-1002/1-4 Kehlmann, Geoffrey Legal Research and Writing 8:00a-10:00a R205  Paper 
15182 LAWJ-1002/D1A King, David Legal Research and Writing TR 1:10p-2:10p B210  Paper 
15183 LAWJ-1002/D1B Slavinskiy, Yan Legal Research and Writing TR 1:10p-2:10p B220  Paper 
15184 LAWJ-1002/D1C Winograd, Patricia Legal Research and Writing 1:10p-3:10p B240  Paper 
15189 LAWJ-1002/D2A King, David Legal Research and Writing TR 2:20p-3:20p B210  Paper 
15190 LAWJ-1002/D2B Slavinskiy, Yan Legal Research and Writing TR 2:20p-3:20p B220  Paper 
15191 LAWJ-1002/D2C Kehlmann, Geoffrey Legal Research and Writing 1:10p-3:10p R205  Paper 
15196 LAWJ-1002/D3A Levin, Amy Legal Research and Writing WF 9:40a-10:40a B210  Paper 
15197 LAWJ-1002/D3B Der, Stephanie Legal Research and Writing WF 9:40a-10:40a B220  Paper 
15198 LAWJ-1002/D3C Winograd, Patricia Legal Research and Writing 9:50a-11:50a B240  Paper 
15203 LAWJ-1002/D4A Levin, Amy Legal Research and Writing WF 10:50a-11:50a B210  Paper 
15204 LAWJ-1002/D4B Der, Stephanie Legal Research and Writing WF 10:50a-11:50a B220  Paper 
15205 LAWJ-1002/D4C Lyons, Katherine Legal Research and Writing 9:50a-11:50a B240  Paper 
15209 LAWJ-1002/E1A Bakhshian, Susan Legal Research and Writing  (See 2023 Spring First Year Schedule)     -    -  Paper 
15210 LAWJ-1002/E1B Lyons, Katherine Legal Research and Writing  (See 2023 Spring First Year Schedule)     -    -  Paper 
15334 LAWJ-4041/E1 Cadra, Laura Legal Research Fundamentals for the Litigator 6:00p-8:00p R205  Other 
15336 LAWF-4050/E1 Ardalan, Joanna Litigating a Copyright Case Seminar 8:10p-10:10p FH236 UE Paper 
15337 LAWJ-3025/D1 Agrawal, Rahul LLM Bar Prep 360 I  (Year-long course. Available only to Foreign LLM students) 9:50a-11:50a B220  5/12/2023 
15338 LAWJ-3030/D1 Agrawal, Rahul LLM Bar Prep 360 II  (Available only to Foreign LLM students) 9:50a-11:50a B220  5/12/2023 
15393 LAWH-5001/01 Shah, Rajika Loyola Genocide Justice Clinic 3:30p-4:30p FH236 PE No Exam 
15394 LAWH-5002/01 Shah, Rajika Loyola Genocide Justice Clinic Advanced     -    - PE No Exam 
15229 LAWI-4016/D1 Shebby, David
Hirashima, Kristen
Marital Property  (Bar course - closed book exam) 3:20p-5:20p H80  5/5/2023 
15230 LAWI-4016/E1 Hill, Crystal Marital Property  (Bar course - closed book exam) 6:00p-8:00p H70  5/5/2023 
15285 LAWJ-4059/D1 Campos, Sara Mediation 1:10p-4:10p FH236 Other 
15339 LAWJ-4054/D1 Isaacs, Bruce Mediation Advocacy for Litigators 9:50a-11:50a AC202 Take-Home 
15237 LAWA-4001/D1 Maynard, Therese Mergers and Acquisitions TR 1:10p-2:40p C401  5/8/2023 
15340 LAWF-4080/D1 Robin, Jeffrey Motion Picture Contract Drafting 3:20p-5:20p FH126
No Exam 
15444 LAWJ-8024/E1 Agrawal, Rahul Multistate Bar Exam: Skills & Strategies  (Graded Pass/Fail) 6:00p-8:00p MH
15437 LAWF-4001/D1 Stilwell, Rachel Music Law 3:50p-5:50p B220  5/12/2023 
15428 LAWO-7017/01 Hembacher, Brian National Environmental Moot Court Competition     -    - No Exam 
15387 LAWO-7090/01 Delfino, Rebecca National Sports Law Moot Court Competition     -    - No Exam 
15395 LAWJ-5002/01 Kehlmann, Geoffrey
Sungaila, Mary Christine
Ninth Circuit Appellate Clinic     -    - PE No Exam 
15431 LAWJ-5002/02 Kehlmann, Geoffrey
Ross, Mary
Ninth Circuit Appellate Clinic     -    - PE No Exam 
15342 LAWD-4050/D1 Nelson, Stacey Oversight and Law Enforcement 3:20p-5:20p FH126 Paper 
15368 LAWN-8008/OA1 Seto, Theodore Partnership Taxation I  (Term A online course - Limited to students in the Tax LLM online program)     -    - 3/1/2023 - 3/5/2023 
15369 LAWN-8008/OA2 Seto, Theodore Partnership Taxation I  (Term A online course - Enrollment is open to JD and Tax LLM program students)     -    - 3/1/2023 - 3/5/2023 
15374 LAWN-8015/OB1 Seto, Theodore Partnership Taxation II  (Term B online course - Limited to students in the Tax LLM online program)     -    - 5/3/2023 - 5/7/2023 
15375 LAWN-8015/OB2 Seto, Theodore Partnership Taxation II  (Term B online course - Enrollment is open to JD and Tax LLM program students)     -    - 5/3/2023 - 5/7/2023 
15286 LAWF-4006/D1 Motomura, Amy Patent Law 1:10p-4:10p B220  Take-Home 
15343 LAWI-4180/D1 Cox, Cynthia Planning for the Elderly and Disabled 3:20p-5:20p B210  Take-Home 
15344 LAWI-4140/D1 Mendoza, Julia Police and Prison Abolition 1:10p-3:10p FH126  Paper 
15345 LAWD-4010/E1 Aminoff, Jonathan Pre-Trial Criminal Litigation 6:00p-9:00p C403 Other 
15177 LAWJ-5010/01 Parrish, Grace Private Field Placement 1-4     -    - No Exam 
15401 LAWJ-4035/01 Parrish, Grace Private Field Placement Course     -    -  No Exam 
15287 LAWJ-3001/D1 Riordan, Thomas Professional Responsibility in the United States 1:10p-3:10p C401  5/18/2023 
15181 LAWL-1001/D1 Petherbridge, Lee Property  (Bar course - closed book exam) MWF 10:10a-11:50a DH  5/15/2023 
15211 LAWL-1001/E2 Seto, Theodore Property  (Bar course - closed book exam) 6:00p-8:00p H70
15402 LAWJ-4038/01 Buhai, Sande Prosecutor's Process Field Placement     -    -  No Exam 
15403 LAWD-4040/01 Buhai, Sande Public Defender's Process Field Placement     -    -  No Exam 
15404 LAWI-4090/01 Buhai, Sande Public Interest and Government Field Placement     -    -  No Exam 
15441 LAWI-5040/01 Parrish, Grace Public Interest Law Field Placement 2-10     -    - 
15288 LAWI-4070/E1 Buckingham, Samantha Race, Class, and Criminal Justice 6:00p-8:00p C402 Paper 
15228 LAWJ-4016/D1 Agrawal, Rahul Remedies  (Bar course - closed book exam) TR 1:10p-3:10p H80  5/17/2023 
15227 LAWJ-4016/E1 Winograd, Patricia Remedies  (Bar course - closed book exam) MW 6:00p-8:00p AC102  5/17/2023 
15290 LAWI-5015/01 Richard, Stephanie RISE Clinic Field Placement     -    - PE No Exam 
15289 LAWI-4120/01 Richard, Stephanie RISE Clinic Seminar 3:00p-5:00p JR No Exam 
15397 LAWO-7069/01 Sheen, Albert
Vogel, Jessica
Roger J. Traynor Moot Court     -    - No Exam 
15354 LAWN-5003/D1 Larkin, Michael Sales and Use Tax Clinic 1 or 2 9:00a-12:00p C515 PLE No Exam 
15292 LAWO-7011/D1 Delfino, Rebecca Scott Moot Court 12:00p-12:50p AC202 No Exam 
15291 LAWO-7012/D1 Delfino, Rebecca Scott Moot Court Honors Board 12:00p-1:00p FH236 No Exam 
15346 LAWL-4006/D1 Wallace, Alan Secured Transactions in Real Property 5:00p-8:00p R205  5/11/2023 
15238 LAWA-4005/E1 Guttensohn, Stefan Securities Regulation 5:00p-8:00p B210  5/3/2023 
15293 LAWD-4006/D1 Hawthorne, Christopher
Miller, Eleanor
Sentencing and Post-Conviction Law MW 10:20a-11:50a TAC  Paper 
15410 LAWJ-4160/E1 Flanagan, Gerald Social Change Lawyering: Lobbying, Litigation, Media & More 6:00p-8:00p C401  Take-Home 
15435 LAWJ-4180/D1 Bearman, Ethan Solo Law Practice 3:50p-5:50p AC302  Presentation 
15348 LAWJ-4127/D1 Stanton-Trehan, Megan
Wong, Vivian
Special Education Due Process and Education Litigation Law and Practice  (Instructor approval required) 1:10p-3:10p FH236 No Exam 
15350 LAWF-4009/E1 Leopoldus, Brandon Sports Law II: Practical Application of Sports Law in Business  (Graded Pass/Fail) 6:00p-8:00p FH126  No Exam 
15370 LAWN-8016/OA1 Akopchikyan, Ovsep State and Local Taxation  (Term A online course - Limited to students in the Tax LLM online program)     -    - 3/1/2023 - 3/5/2023 
15371 LAWN-8016/OA2 Akopchikyan, Ovsep State and Local Taxation  (Term A online course - Enrollment is open to JD and Tax LLM program students)     -    - 3/1/2023 - 3/5/2023 
15353 LAWN-5004/D1 He, Mengjun State Income Tax Clinic 1 or 2 9:00a-12:00p REMOTE PLE No Exam 
15367 LAWN-4041/E1 Lee, Alexander Tax Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions 6:00p-8:00p FH126 Paper 
15378 LAWN-8049/OB1 Kowal, Jennifer Tax Law Practice  (Term B online course - Limited to students in the Tax LLM online program)     -    - ULE Paper 
15379 LAWN-8049/OB2 Kowal, Jennifer Tax Law Practice  (Term B online course - Enrollment is open to JD and Tax LLM program students)     -    - ULE Paper 
15372 LAWN-8052/OA1 Weigandt, Don Tax Planning for Family Wealth  (Term A online course - Limited to students in the Tax LLM online program)     -    - Paper 
15373 LAWN-8052/OA2 Weigandt, Don Tax Planning for Family Wealth  (Term A online course - Enrollment is open to JD and Tax LLM program students)     -    - Paper 
15365 LAWN-4017/E1 Demirjian, Nora Tax Practice and Procedure 6:00p-8:00p FH126 Take-Home 
15376 LAWN-8077/OB1 Laemmle, Mark Taxation of High Tech Enterprises  (Term B online course - Limited to students in the Tax LLM online program)     -    - 
15377 LAWN-8077/OB2 Laemmle, Mark Taxation of High Tech Enterprises  (Term B online course - Enrollment is open to JD and Tax LLM program students)     -    - 5/3/2023 - 5/7/2023 
15406 LAWJ-8067/D1 Fox, Ronda Teaching Assistant Seminar 12:00p-1:00p REMOTE  No Exam 
15446 LAWJ-8067/D2 Fox, Ronda Teaching Assistant Seminar 12:00p-1:00p REMOTE  No Exam 
15449 LAWJ-8067/D3 Fox, Ronda Teaching Assistant Seminar 12:00p-1:00p REMOTE  No Exam 
15407 LAWJ-8068/D1 Fox, Ronda Teaching Assistant Seminar - Advanced 12:00p-1:00p REMOTE  No Exam 
15448 LAWJ-8068/D2 Fox, Ronda Teaching Assistant Seminar - Advanced 12:00p-1:00p REMOTE  No Exam 
15357 LAWP-8015/D1 McKenney, Ryan Technology & Privacy 9:00a-10:30a FH236
No Exam 
15294 LAWI-4160/D1 Matsumura, Kaiponanea The Asian American Legal Experience 1:10p-3:10p C403 Paper 
15454 LAWO-7018/01     (TBA) Thurgood Marshall Moot Court Competition  (.)     -    - No Exam 
15180 LAWK-1001/D1 Doyle, Colin Torts  (Bar course - closed book exam) TR 8:45a-10:00a H70  5/4/2023 
15188 LAWK-1001/D2 Zimmerman, Adam Torts  (Bar course - closed book exam) 8:00a-10:00a MH  5/4/2023 
15195 LAWK-1001/D3 Clark, Brietta Torts  (Bar course - closed book exam) M
MH  5/4/2023 
15202 LAWK-1001/D4 Hayden, Paul Torts  (Bar course - closed book exam) TR 3:20p-4:35p AC102  5/4/2023 
15208 LAWK-1001/E1 Kim, Kathleen Torts  (Bar course - closed book exam. See 2023 Spring First Year Schedule.)     -    -  5/8/2023 
15226 LAWK-4002/E1 Johnston, Thomas Torts II  (Bar course - closed book exam) 8:10p-10:10p C401  5/11/2023 
15358 LAWF-4040/D1 Walton, Brian Trade Secret Law 1:10p-3:10p C403  5/16/2023 
15295 LAWF-4005/D1 Hughes, Justin Trademark Law MW 1:10p-2:40p H80  Take-Home 
15296 LAWO-7022/D1 Trevino, Shannon Transactional Negotiation Team 5:30p-8:30p FH236 No Exam 
15424 LAWJ-4019/E1 Crowley, Daniel Trial Advocacy  (Enrollment limited to 12 students) 6:00p-9:00p AC202 No Exam 
15425 LAWJ-4019/E2 Sain, Tony Trial Advocacy  (Enrollment limited to 12 students) 6:00p-9:00p AC202 No Exam 
15426 LAWJ-4019/E3 Von Helmolt, Christine Trial Advocacy  (Enrollment limited to 12 students) 6:00p-9:00p TAC No Exam 
15427 LAWJ-4019/E4 Hicks, Jamon Trial Advocacy  (Enrollment limited to 12 students) 6:00p-9:00p AC202 No Exam 
15232 LAWL-4007/D1 Kowal, Jennifer Trusts and Wills  (Bar course - closed book exam) MW 8:00a-10:00a H70  5/8/2023 
15231 LAWL-4007/E1 Mc Jilton, Willow Trusts and Wills  (Bar course - closed book exam) MW 8:10p-10:10p DH  5/8/2023 
15422 LAWM-4030/D1 Ulin, John Voting Rights and Election Law 2:50p-5:50p C401  Take-Home 
15361 LAWC-5003/01 Grant, Adam Wrongful Conviction Clinic  (Year-Long. Limited to students in Project for the Innocent)     -    - PE No Exam 
15362 LAWC-5004/01 Grant, Adam Wrongful Conviction Clinic Advanced 1 or 2     -    - PE No Exam 
15360 LAWC-4004/D1 Grant, Adam Wrongful Conviction Seminar  (Year-Long. Limited to students in Project for the Innocent) 3:20p-5:20p R205 Paper 
15363 LAWD-4033/D1 Grant, Adam Wrongful Convictions: Context, Fact, and Fiction 3:20p-5:20p AC302  Take-Home 
15364 LAWD-5007/01 Wong, Vivian
Stanton-Trehan, Megan
Youth Justice Education Clinic Advanced 1 or 2     -    - PE No Exam 
15349 LAWD-5009/01 Wong, Vivian
Stanton-Trehan, Megan
Youth Justice Education Clinic II: Due Process and Litigation     -    - PE No Exam 
(243 entries listed)