ABA National Moot Court Team (LAWO-7075)

Adjudicative Criminal Procedure (LAWD-1011)

Adjudicative Criminal Procedure (LAWD-4011)

Administrative Law (LAWM-4004)

Advanced Civil Litigation Advocacy (LAWJ-4200)

Advanced Criminal Law Seminar (LAWD-4023)

Advanced Criminal Litigation Skills (LAWJ-4064)

Advanced Federal Tax Research and Planning (LAWN-4056)

Advanced Federal Tax Research and Planning (LAWN-8056)

Advanced ICC International Commercial Mediation Moot Court (LAWO-7071)

Advanced Legal Research (LAWJ-4020)

Advanced Tax Policy Colloquium (LAWN-4075)

Advanced Topics in Constitutional Law: Originalism (LAWC-4050)

Advanced Trial Advocacy (LAWJ-4048)

Advanced Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court (LAWO-7032)

Advanced Writing and Revision Seminar (LAWW-4034)

Advertising Law (LAWF-4065)

American Law Hot Topics for LLM Students (LAWJ-3050)

American Legal Research & Writing for Foreign Attorneys (LAWJ-3002)

Animal Law (LAWI-4049)

Antitrust and Intellectual Property in the Digital Economy (LAWF-4110)

Antitrust Law (LAWA-4002)

Appellate Advocacy (LAWJ-4012)

Appellate Practice for the Judicial Clerk (LAWJ-4099)

Art and the Law Seminar (LAWF-4016)

Artificial Intelligence and Law Seminar (LAWP-4022)


Bankruptcy (LAWB-4007)

Baseball Arbitration Competition Team (LAWO-7068)

Biological Foundations of Law - Single Semester (LAWH-4034)

Business & Legal Affairs for Alternative/Reality TV Programming and Distribution (LAWF-4037)

Business and Legal Affairs for Scripted TV Programming and Distribution (LAWF-4015)

Business Associations (LAWA-4003)

Business Immigration Law (LAWG-4059)

Business Planning I: Financing the Start-up Business and Venture Capital Financing (LAWA-4034)

Business Strategy for Lawyers (LAWA-4060)

Business Taxation Intensive (LAWN-4098)

Byrne Trial Advocacy Team (LAWO-7021)


California Civil Procedure: Practice & Procedure (LAWJ-4015)

California Litigation: Eviction Defense (LAWJ-4230)

California Privacy and Data Security Law (LAWJ-4105)

California Water Law (LAWE-4025)

Cannabis Business Law (LAWA-4050)

Children and the Law (LAWI-4019)

Civil Litigation Practice I (LAWJ-4045)

Civil Litigation Practice II (LAWJ-4046)

Civil Procedure (LAWJ-1001)

Civil Rights Litigation Externship (LAWC-5002)

Civil Rights Litigation Practicum (LAWC-4003)

Clean Water Act Litigation (LAWE-4030)

Climate Change and the Law (LAWE-4015)

Collaborative Family Law Clinic (LAWJ-5001)

Collateral Consequences of Convictions Project: Re-entry Clinic (LAWJ-5003)

Conciliation & Mediation Assistance Clinic at the Center for Conflict Resolution (LAWI-5001)

Constitutional Law (LAWC-2003)

Construction Law: Mastering the Built Environment (LAWL-4011)

Consumer Bankruptcy Clinic Advanced (LAWB-5028)

Consumer Bankruptcy Clinic: Advocacy Process (LAWB-5027)

Contracts (LAWB-1001)

Copyright Law (LAWF-4003)

Core Legal Research (LAWJ-4205)

Corporate Finance (LAWA-4014)

Corporate Taxation I (LAWN-4005)

Corporate Taxation I (LAWN-8005)

Corporate Taxation II (LAWN-4011)

Corporate Taxation II (LAWN-8011)

Criminal Justice Reform Lab (LAWD-8095)

Criminal Justice Reform Seminar (LAWD-8090)

Criminal Law (LAWD-1001)

Criminal Law Motion Practice (LAWD-4015)

Criminal Procedure (LAWD-4007)

Critical Race Theory (LAWI-1011)

Cross Examination Intensive Workshop (LAWJ-4077)

Cyber and Intellectual Property Crimes (LAWF-4048)

Cyber Risk Management & Incident Response (LAWP-4020)

Cyber Risk Management & Incident Response (LAWP-8025)

Cyber Security and Regulatory Compliance (LAWP-4018)


Death Penalty Law Seminar (LAWD-4005)

Dependency Court Mediation Assistance Clinic (LAWI-5004)

Deposition Strategies and Techniques (LAWJ-4195)

Deposition Workshop (LAWW-4023)

Directed Research (LAWO-4091)

Disability Rights Law (LAWI-4010)

Dissertation Research (LAWO-3094)


Education Law (LAWI-4017)

Education Policy Practicum (LAWI-4110)

Electronic Discovery (LAWP-4016)

Employment Discrimination Law (LAWI-4021)

Employment Law (LAWI-4024)

Employment Rights Clinic (LAWI-4079)

Entertainment Law (LAWF-4004)

Entertainment Law Advocacy (LAWF-4071)

Entertainment Law Field Placement (LAWF-5001)

Entertainment Law Practicum (LAWF-4013)

Entertainment Law Review Editor (LAWO-6022)

Entertainment Law Review Research (LAWO-6017)

Entertainment Law Review Staff (LAWO-6021)

Entertainment Moot Court (LAWO-7061)

Entertainment Negotiations (LAWF-4090)

Environmental Law (LAWE-4003)

Essay Writing Intensive for the Bar and Law School (LAWW-4043)

Estate and Gift Taxation I (LAWN-4003)

Estate and Gift Taxation I (LAWN-8003)

Ethical Lawyering (LAWJ-2004)

Ethics and the Production of Entertainment Programming (LAWF-4120)

Ethics for Prosecutors and Defenders: Do No Wrong (LAWJ-4190)

European Cybersecurity & Data Privacy (LAWP-4019)

Evidence (LAWJ-2003)

Evidence for Trial Lawyers (LAWJ-4087)

Executive Compensation (LAWN-4048)

Exploring the Role of In-House Counsel (LAWA-4036)

Externship (LAWM-5000)


Fact Investigation (LAWD-4016)

Family Law (LAWI-4025)

Fashion Law (LAWF-4056)

Fashion Law Clinic (LAWF-4057)

Federal Courts (LAWC-4012)

Federal Courts and Section 1983 Litigation (LAWC-4070)

Federal Criminal Civil Rights Law (LAWD-4090)

Federal Income Taxation (LAWN-8001)

Federal Public Defender Death Penalty Appeals Clinic (LAWC-5001)

Field Placement Course (LAWO-4050)

Financial Basics for Lawyers (LAWW-4006)

First Amendment Survey (LAWC-4022)

First Amendment: Freedom of Expression (LAWC-4062)

Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing (LAWJ-4065)

Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing (LAWJ-8065)

Fundamentals of Juvenile Post-Conviction and Sentencing Law I (LAWJ-4131)

Fundamentals of Juvenile Post-Conviction and Sentencing Law II (LAWJ-4132)

Fundamentals of Solo Litigation (LAWJ-4076)


Government Agency Field Placement (LAWI-5030)

Government Lawyering: The Intersection of Law & Politics (LAWM-4040)


Habeas Corpus Litigation Seminar (LAWC-4036)

Health Care Organizations: Business Planning and Regulatory Compliance (LAWI-4052)

Health Law & Policy (LAWI-4190)

Health Law Survey: The Legal Regulation of Health Care Access, Quality, & Cost in the U.S. (LAWA-4023)

Hispanic Moot Court (LAWO-7014)

Hobbs/Poehls District Attorney Field Placement (LAWD-5001)

Hobbs/Poehls District Attorney Seminar (LAWO-9003)

Hobbs/Poehls Trial Advocacy (LAWJ-4119)

Homeless Rights Advocacy Field Placement (LAWJ-5015)

Homeless Rights Advocacy Practicum (LAWJ-4135)

Honors Tax Research (LAWO-4093)

Hotel Development and Ownership - Comprehensive Study in Representing Owners (LAWL-4030)


ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition (LAWO-7070)

Immigrant Justice Clinic (LAWG-5001)

Immigrant Justice Clinic Advanced (LAWG-5002)

Immigrant Justice Clinic Seminar (LAWG-4067)

Immigration Law (LAWG-4017)

Income Tax Timing Issues (LAWN-4010)

Income Tax Timing Issues (LAWN-8010)

Income Tax Timing Issues/Property Transactions (LAWN-4038)

Income Taxation I (LAWN-4001)

Income Taxation Intensive (LAWN-4099)

Income Taxation of Property Transactions (LAWN-4013)

Income Taxation of Property Transactions (LAWN-8013)

Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates (LAWN-8019)

Innovation and Inequality (LAWF-4100)

Innovation and Transformation in Legal Service Delivery (LAWP-8020)

Innovation Law (LAWF-1011)

Innovation Law (LAWF-4075)

Insurance Law (LAWB-4008)

Intellectual Property in the Digital Age (LAWF-4067)

Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition (LAWO-7051)

International and Comparative Law Review Editor (LAWO-6032)

International and Comparative Law Review Research (LAWO-6024)

International and Comparative Law Review Staff (LAWO-6031)

International Business Transactions (LAWG-4018)

International Human Rights Practicum (LAWG-4003)

International Protection of Human Rights (LAWG-4007)

International Sports Law (LAWG-4098)

International Taxation I (LAWN-4007)

International Taxation I (LAWN-8007)

International Taxation II (LAWN-4014)

International Taxation II (LAWN-8014)

International Trade (LAWG-4033)

Internet Law (LAWP-4017)

Introduction to Administrative Law (LAWM-1011)

Introduction to American Law (LAWJ-3003)

Introduction to Immigration Law (LAWM-1010)

Introduction to Income Taxation (LAWN-1010)

Introduction to International Law (LAWG-1010)

Introduction to International Law (LAWG-4060)

Introduction to Legal Research (LAWJ-1044)

Introduction to Negotiations (LAWJ-4008)

IP Honors Seminar (LAWF-4066)

IRS Small Case Tax Clinic (LAWN-5001)


Judicial Field Placement (LAWJ-5060)

Judicial Process Field Placement (LAWJ-4005)

Juvenile Delinquency Law, Policy, and Procedure (LAWJ-4062)

Juvenile Innocence & Fair Sentencing Clinic (LAWD-5002)

Juvenile Innocence & Fair Sentencing Clinic II (LAWD-5003)

Juvenile Justice Clinic (LAWD-5004)

Juvenile Justice Clinic II (LAWD-5005)


Labor Law, Alt-Labor, and the Gig Economy (LAWI-4084)

Land Use Controls (LAWE-4006)

Land Use Regulation (LAWE-4020)

Landlord Tenant Clinic Advanced (LAWL-5002)

Landlord Tenant Clinic I: Advocacy Basics (LAWL-5001)

Law and Genocide (LAWH-4022)

Law and Leadership (LAWJ-4022)

Law and Literature (LAWH-4012)

Law and Practice with the Hollywood Guilds (LAWF-4033)

Law and Process: Privacy Torts (LAWJ-1005)

Law of Sales: Domestic and International (LAWB-4002)

Law of War Seminar (LAWG-4049)

Law Practice Management Seminar (LAWJ-4043)

Law Review Editor (LAWO-6012)

Law Review Research (LAWO-6014)

Law Review Staff (LAWO-6011)

Law, Algorithms, and Justice (LAWP-4050)

Leadership for Lawyers (LAWJ-4170)

Legal Drafting (LAWJ-4026)

Legal Drafting (LAWJ-8026)

Legal Methods: Negotiations & Drafting (LAWJ-3010)

Legal Methods: Writing & Analysis (LAWJ-3011)

Legal Research and Writing (LAWJ-1002)

Legal Research for the Transactional Lawyer (LAWJ-4040)

Legal Research Fundamentals for the Litigator (LAWJ-4041)

Legal Tech and Access to Justice Practicum (LAWP-4035)

Legislation and Regulation (LAWM-4050)

LGBTQ+ Advocacy and Inclusive Lawyering (LAWI-4115)

Licensing and Technology Transfer (LAWP-8030)

Licensing in a Global Context (LAWI-4072)

Litigating a Copyright Case Seminar (LAWF-4050)

LLM Bar Prep 360 I (LAWJ-3025)

LLM Bar Prep 360 II (LAWJ-3030)

LLS Visiting Away (LAWO-0001)

Local Governments and the Environment Seminar (LAWE-4014)

Loyola Genocide Justice Clinic (LAWH-5001)

Loyola Genocide Justice Clinic Advanced (LAWH-5002)


Marital Property (LAWI-4016)

Mediation (LAWJ-4059)

Mediation Advocacy (LAWJ-4053)

Mediation Advocacy for Litigators (LAWJ-4054)

Mediation and the Art & Science of Apology and Forgiveness (LAWJ-4240)

Mental Disability Law Seminar (LAWI-4066)

Mergers and Acquisitions (LAWA-4001)

Motion Picture Contract Drafting (LAWF-4080)

Multistate Bar Exam: Skills & Strategies (LAWJ-4024)

Multistate Bar Exam: Skills & Strategies (LAWJ-8024)

Music Law (LAWF-4001)


Name, Image, and Likeness: The Controversy of Identity Licensing (LAWW-4090)

National Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition (LAWO-7095)

National Environmental Moot Court Competition (LAWO-7017)

National Moot Court Competition Team (LAWO-7098)

National Security and Data Privacy (LAWP-4028)

National Sports Law Moot Court Competition (LAWO-7090)

Ninth Circuit Appellate Clinic (LAWJ-5002)

Nonprofit Organizations (LAWN-4020)

Nonprofit Organizations (LAWN-8020)


Orientation & Resources (LAWO-0025)

Oversight and Law Enforcement (LAWD-4050)


Partnership Taxation I (LAWN-4008)

Partnership Taxation I (LAWN-8008)

Partnership Taxation II (LAWN-4015)

Partnership Taxation II (LAWN-8015)

Patent Law (LAWF-4006)

Planning for the Elderly and Disabled (LAWI-4180)

Police and Prison Abolition (LAWI-4140)

Pre-Trial Criminal Litigation (LAWD-4010)

Private Field Placement (LAWJ-5010)

Private Field Placement Course (LAWJ-4035)

Pro Se Mediation Advocacy Clinic (LAWJ-5055)

Professional Identity: The Lawyer's Role in Eradicating Systemic Inequities (LAWI-4130)

Professional Responsibility in the United States (LAWJ-3001)

Property (LAWL-1001)

Property II: Estates and Future Interests (LAWL-4004)

Prosecutor's Process Field Placement (LAWJ-4038)

Public Defender's Process Field Placement (LAWD-4040)

Public Interest and Government Field Placement (LAWI-4090)

Public Interest Law Field Placement (LAWI-5040)


Race and the Law Colloquium (LAWI-4105)

Race, Class, and Criminal Justice (LAWI-4070)

Racial Justice and Public Defense (LAWI-4150)

Real Estate Title Reports: Learning How to Read and Understand them as a Practicing Professional (LAWW-4100)

Remedies (LAWJ-4016)

Removal Defense in Immigration Court Externship (LAWG-5005)

Reparations: Theory and Law (LAWI-4200)

Representing Actors, Writers, Directors and Authors in Film, Television and Beyond (LAWF-4095)

Representing Talent in Television (LAWF-4105)

Reproductive Justice (LAWI-4089)

RISE Clinic Field Placement (LAWI-5015)

RISE Clinic Seminar (LAWI-4120)

Roger J. Traynor Moot Court (LAWO-7069)


Sales and Use Tax Clinic (LAWN-5003)

Sales and Use Tax Clinic Advanced (LAWN-5006)

Scott Moot Court (LAWO-7011)

Scott Moot Court Honors Board (LAWO-7012)

Section 1983 Litigation Seminar (LAWC-4090)

Secured Transactions in Real Property (LAWL-4006)

Securities Regulation (LAWA-4005)

Sentencing and Post-Conviction Law (LAWD-4006)

Separated and Detained: Asylum and Detention Externship (LAWG-5007)

Sexual Identity and the Law (LAWI-4095)

Smart Contracts & Financial Technology (LAWP-4023)

Social Change Lawyering: Lobbying, Litigation, Media & More (LAWJ-4160)

Social Security Justice for People with Disabilities Practicum (LAWI-5010)

Solo Law Practice (LAWJ-4180)

Special Education Advocacy Law and Practice (LAWJ-4125)

Special Education Due Process and Education Litigation Law and Practice (LAWJ-4127)

Sports Law I: Survey of Legal Issues (LAWF-4008)

Sports Law II: Practical Application of Sports Law in Business (LAWF-4009)

Starting and Growing a Successful Sports Business: Key Business and Legal Considerations (LAWF-4115)

State and Local Taxation (LAWN-4016)

State and Local Taxation (LAWN-8016)

State and Municipal Government Law (LAWM-4020)

State Constitutional Law (LAWC-4027)

State Income Tax Clinic (LAWN-5004)

State Income Tax Clinic Advanced (LAWN-5007)


Tax Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions (LAWN-4041)

Tax Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions (LAWN-8041)

Tax Law Practice (LAWN-4049)

Tax Law Practice (LAWN-8049)

Tax Planning for Family Wealth (LAWN-4052)

Tax Planning for Family Wealth (LAWN-8052)

Tax Policy Colloquium (LAWN-8065)

Tax Policy Colloquium I (LAWN-8070)

Tax Policy Colloquium II (LAWN-8075)

Tax Practice and Procedure (LAWN-4017)

Tax Practice and Procedure (LAWN-8017)

Taxation of Exempt Organizations (LAWN-8080)

Taxation of High Tech Enterprises (LAWN-8077)

Teaching Assistant Seminar (LAWJ-8067)

Teaching Assistant Seminar - Advanced (LAWJ-8068)

Technology & Privacy (LAWP-8015)

The Asian American Legal Experience (LAWI-4160)

The Business of Law (LAWJ-4220)

The Business of Startups (LAWA-4065)

The California Child Welfare System: Practice, Procedure, and Purpose (LAWI-4198)

The History, Structure, and Work of the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division (LAWC-4080)

The Law of the Metaverse (LAWP-4060)

The Modern Prosecutor (LAWD-4080)

The Strategy of Litigation (LAWJ-4150)

The Summer of 2020: Racial Justice & The Criminal Legal System (LAWW-4095)

The Thirteenth Amendment, Racial Justice, and Human Trafficking (LAWC-4060)

The US Supreme Court and Its Judicial Decision Making (LAWW-4085)

Thurgood Marshall Moot Court Competition (LAWO-7018)

Torts (LAWK-1001)

Torts II (LAWK-4002)

Trade Secret Law (LAWF-4040)

Trademark Law (LAWF-4005)

Transactional Negotiation Team (LAWO-7022)

Trial Advocacy (LAWJ-4019)

Trusts and Wills (LAWL-4007)


Visiting Schl Res (LAWO-0003)

Voir Dire (LAWJ-4140)

Voting Rights and Election Law (LAWM-4030)


White Collar Defense & Investigations Practice (LAWD-4027)

Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court (LAWO-7031)

William B. Spong Jr., Moot Court Team (LAWO-7080)

Williams Institute Gender and Sexual Identity Moot Court (LAWO-7067)

Women and the Law (LAWH-4032)

Worker's Rights Clinic (LAWI-5020)

Wrongful Conviction Clinic (LAWC-5003)

Wrongful Conviction Clinic Advanced (LAWC-5004)

Wrongful Conviction Seminar (LAWC-4004)

Wrongful Convictions: Context, Fact, and Fiction (LAWD-4033)


Youth Justice Education Clinic Advanced (LAWD-5007)

Youth Justice Education Clinic I: Special Education Advocacy (LAWD-5006)

Youth Justice Education Clinic II: Due Process and Litigation (LAWD-5009)